Author: kitchokly

  • Food Matters & Materialities Conference

    Food Matters & Materialities Conference

    The Food Matters & Materialities Conference took place virtually in September 2021. My role with the conference was to design all visual content, including plenary posters, Twitter presence, website, virtual meeting space (via QiqoChat), programs, and outreach materials, as well as to help host conference panels via Zoom. All programs and posters were designed with…

  • Handpicked Podcast Infographic

    Handpicked Podcast Infographic

    The Handpicked Podcast from the Laurier Centre for Sustainable Food Systems reached out for help designing pedagogical materials for their Season 2, Episode 2 episode, “Disadvantaged by Digitization.” Working with the podcast producers and researchers, I pulled key points from the episode, divided them into sections, and unified them together into a massive infographic. Each…

  • Invisible Institutions Podcast Artwork

    Invisible Institutions Podcast Artwork

    Invisible Institutions is a documentary podcast exploring the past and present of institutions for people labelled with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Canada, created and hosted by Megan Linton. Based on the cover of a 1991 survey of institutionalization from Statistics Canada, which features three flowers whose growth is hindered by transparent containers, the podcast…

  • Transgender Media Portal Usability Test Report

    Transgender Media Portal Usability Test Report

    In 2020, the research team from the Transgender Media Portal conducted a series of usability tests on the Portal’s design and implementation. This report, designed by me (RA) and co-written alongside Jay Cooper (RA), Oliver Debney (RA), and Laura Horak (PI) details these tests. The full report can be viewed here.

  • The Isolation Museum

    The Isolation Museum

    On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a pandemic. This has led many countries to encourage their citizens to stay at home, isolate, or go into quarantine to prevent widespread community transmission. Being forced to stay home not only changes our relationship to each other, but also changes our relationships to…