Hi, I’m Kit. I’m a PhD student in Communication Studies at McGill University, a 2024 Pierre Elliot Trudeau Scholar, and I’m fascinated by trans technologies.

My research draws on affect theory, transgender studies, and critical studies of data, the internet, and media platforms to understand trans uses (and refusals) of networked technology and other digital tools.

Slides and sources for some of my recent presentations.

My research background and experiences.

Select design work.

I am currently a researcher with the Transgender Media Lab at Carleton University and the Humanities Data Lab at uOttawa. Part of this work is my role as a user interface and experience designer (UI/UX) and project manager with the Transgender Media Portal—a project working to create an accessible digital database of trans, Two Spirit, nonbinary, intersex, & gender-nonconforming filmmakers.

My previous experience as a graphic designer continues to be valuable to me today in both the process of research and its mobilization to broader audiences. I have also helped other researchers develop visuals for conferences, podcasts, and social media across a variety of fields in the humanities and social sciences.