Food Matters & Materialities Conference

The Food Matters & Materialities Conference took place virtually in September 2021. My role with the conference was to design all visual content, including plenary posters, Twitter presence, website, virtual meeting space (via QiqoChat), programs, and outreach materials, as well as to help host conference panels via Zoom.

programs & posters

All programs and posters were designed with colour contrast accessibility in mind and use interactive hyperlinks to help users navigate within the documents.

outreach materials

I illustrated each piece written by conference reporters and formatted it for sharing via the conference website. View all outreach materials here.

A sketched illustration of a fist in the air holding a bunch of carrots and a cast-iron frying pan. They are surrounded by peppercorns, anise, and hot peppers.
Illustration for “Food as a Form of Resistance: Fighting Back Against Social & Environmental Injustices” by Lalla Maiga and Grace Ingraham.
An illustration of eggs, bananas, almonds, and an avodado, each in their own speech bubble.
Illustration for “Are There Any Absolute or Universal Truths When it Comes to Food?” by Fleur Esteron, Myriam Durocher & Kathy Dobson.
Illustration for “A Conversation with Kendra Lee Sanders on Animal Wearables” by Lalla Maiga.
Illustration for “The Covid Dining Experience with Nicholas Bascuñan-Wiley” by Lalla Maiga

virtual meeting space

We turned to Qiqochat, a highly customizable web intermediary for Zoom, to help speakers and participants navigate the virtual space of the conference. We designed this interface to fit with the conference’s other visual presences.

A screenshot from the FMM Conference Qiqochat page. Includes interactive HTML schedule and quick links to Zoom meetings.